Welcome to our MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE BLOG - First Post May 02 2014, 16 Comments

Hello and/or Namaste _/\_,

Welcome to our MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE - Online Shop.

 When we developed our Madhuvan theme - 'Creating blissful retreat spaces in your home and environments', it was because we have discovered that certain environments are conducive to help one relax and enjoy the life, the precious moments ... whether it be with teachers/students, family, friends or by oneself.

Our launching of our MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE products, expressing our experiences and offereing of tips will always be spontaniously expressed and heart felt - geared towards providing a solid support to help you quickly achive the result.

Please feel free to express ideas or ways to improve as we go along.

Our first page up and running was to serve you our free Indian Spice Tea Recipe - MADHUVAN CHAI.

We will continue to add our products and services as we build the website, and you can watch it develop as we go along.


Laura Cram (MADALSA)


Yoga, Meditation and Music Teacher.