TGIF 2019 WORKSHOP – Yoga, Meditation & Music with MADALSA’

Saturday Morning, August 10th 2019,

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Jean Pigott Place (inside City Hall Building),

110 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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Learning about stage presentations is part of the ongoing music lessons I teach as MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE Yoga, Meditation, and Music Teacher - ‘MADALSA’.

All ML music students are encouraged to participate in our upcoming TGIF Ottawa 2019 workshop, learning what is most suitable for an Indian Classical Music performance and how to present your devotional songs with the etiquette most suited for a Indian Classical Music Presentation.

The two featured pictures above are of the grand entrance to THE GREAT INDIAN FESTIVAL OTTAWA in 2018 and our ‘TGIFOttawa 2018 Workshop: Yoga, Meditation and Music with MADALSA’ stage set up inside the marvellous building here at Ottawa City Hall.

The ML students, parents and volunteers all helped to set it up our workshop stage nicely.  The company La Vie Zen had kindly contributed some of their wonderful Indian decor.  Audience and participants instantly loved our stage set up upon seeing it, as it is simple and effective, easy to assemble yet maintaining a flavour of India. Colourful silk elephant pillowcase covers on stage for the performers, and intricate hand-dyed decorative Indian tapestries matching with contrasting colours, are also used on stage and/or as a backdrop.  Complimentary additional decor and conscientiously chosen stylish comfortable Indian yoga outfits /‘Salwar suit’ and performance outfits are discussed and mutually decided upon ahead of time to blend in nicely on stage making a soothing impact.

Although silk saris are generally used on stage for female vocalist performing Indian Classical Music, this prior one hour workshop also included yoga and meditation participation and thus the ‘Sarwar Kameez’/comfortable Punjabi outfit can work for timely Yoga, Meditation, and Music interactive workshop functions if limited to the hour presentation.

Now with the extended workshop hours (2 hours instead of 1 hour) we will focus on changing into our prepared pleated saris/and or fancy Indian silk performance outfits for males called 'kurta pajamas’ in the 15 minute break, between the Yoga and meditation workshop segment and the music portion, to instill for the audience and the participants the effect of the elegance of refined Indian music concert all-inclusive stage presentation.

A picture of myself - ‘MADALSA’ wearing the traditional silk sari just before going onto the stage to perform with my students at South Asian Fest 2018 here in Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.

Students and parents all help in the preparation ideas and workmanship of what it takes to put on a show, and in this case a complete workshop.

Here we have yoga student ‘Kajal’ successfully demonstrating and leading the bow pose from last year’s TGIF workshop.

In this upcoming yoga, meditation and music TGIF workshop we are working towards presenting educational entertainment for the participating audience as well, showcasing the skills of students and the hard work that goes into their lifestyle practice, emphasizing how parental support and participation can often make or break their experience of learning and/or succeeding in developing their skills and confidence. ML Students practice at home with supportive family members, and get together to practice and prepare for workshops sharing what they learn under the supervision of qualified ML yoga teachers/leaders.

Here ‘Kajal’ is helping my young granddaughter ‘Romii’ to learn how to do the half and/or full lotus pose used for meditation and deep breathing.

A ML workshop PowerPoint presentation is in design and developmental stages intended to supplement this workshop, and will be prepared and operated by one of the youngest and enthusiastic ML students - my grandson RAUSTIN age six, who likes to be referred to asMadhuvan Lifestyle Stage Manager’. 😁

Here is a powerpoint screenshot of the introductory video Raustin is preparing for the TGIF workshop:

MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE GROUP participation makes for a fun and enjoyable time for students and participants, as Indian music includes the main foundation of blissful music with the soothing continuity of the drone instrument tanpoora, which helps the singer stay in tune, and the tabla which keeps a reliable steady and consistent identifiable beat motivating all of us onward.

We recommended the beautiful acoustic Indian Instruments such as these traditional Indian tanpooras available locally for our ML music students practice and performances here in Canada. 

The traditional Indian Tabla is a must for our Indian music and the tabla player is always happy with a good quality tabla set.

The traditional Indian harmonium is a very powerful and supportive instrument and sets the mood of the performance, contributing to and enhancing the voice of a well-trained vocalist.

All ML students are encouraged to embrace the traditional harmonium verses keyboard from the start and hopefully have an instrument at home to sustain their efforts.  The pumping of the bellow gives full control and range to the vocalist to enhance their expression and is all-engaging.  One hand plays the intricate melody of Indian rāgas while the other hand is free to show periodically where one is within the rhythmic cycle of the tabla while singing and pumping the air into the harmonium controlling the subtly and intensity of the sound.

In fact ML music students learn early on about a variety of Indian instruments and the unique sounds they each produce.  Here my eldest grandson Ryder had the privilege eight years ago to be given a hands-on personal lesson from my music Guruji - Pandit Chandrakant Kapileshwari, a doyen of Kirana Gharana.

The traditional Indian Swar Mandal is a highly valued Indian string instrument similar to the Western auto-harp and is also know as Surmandal.  It adds an ambience similar to the tanpoora but far more capable to support melodic and complex pieces of music, and is always tuned to the Raag being sung.

Various Indian instruments such as ‘Bansuri’/Bamboo flute, and ‘Sarangi’/multi stringed accompaniment instrument can be added to a Indian classical music piece to give it even more substance, repeating and enhancing the melodic presentations of the singer.  

A traditional Indian Sarangi is a marvellous instrument that is considered the closest to the human voice, which will often follow succinctly the vocalist in an Indian Classical performance majestically replicating the melodic phrases.  ML music students are provided with recommended links to help improve their awareness of the different classical music performances - showcasing the-best-of-the-best performers and how they perform on stage.

A simple but powerful traditional percussion instrument called ‘manjira’/cymbals in the right hands can add a dynamic joyful flavour to a devotional piece, and students enjoy learning how to operate its basic ‘1, 2, close and pause’ - playing technique.

A valuable music practice tool is the portable electronic tanpoora/tabla boxes recommended for students to learn to sing and practice their songs with.  Handy for stage performance as quality backup instruments.

The set up on an Indian classical music stage is very important and should be adhered to In order to create a continuity of age-old tested tradition of interactive, and conducive blissful and creative music.  The audience is engaged generally sitting close up and responsive with subtle appreciative hand and eye gestures.  The common verbal phrases such as “तय बात है/‘Kya Bāt Hai!’/So good, what to say!” or "Waa’/Wow!” are indicative of approval and intended as encouragement to the performers, stemming from heartfelt appreciation for the beauty and refinement of Indian Classical music and the mood that it sustains us with.

Please feel free to join us, extending your Waas and/or Wows to the dedicated students, and enjoy participating in a fun-filled rewarding morning together in the next FREE upcoming Madhuvan Lifestyle Workshop:


TGIF WORKSHOP – Yoga, Meditation and Music with MADALSA’

Saturday morning, August 10th

11:30 am to 1:30 pm

City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave W,  Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

 Map Link

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, (Indian attire welcomed), and bring yoga mats or firm blanket folded and water bottles ideally.

For more info about the festival please visit:

PHOTO CREDITSTGIFOttawa Workshop 2018 – Yoga, Meditation and Music with MADALSA’: Photographer Marilyn Tagoona, Madhuvan Music students on stageARIAN Chowdhry singing and playing his harmonium with mother ‘RITA’ Athwal on tanpoora, JAY JAY/ Victor Jarema on Tabla, RACHANA/Terra Colclough on vocals and introduction of song, MADALSA’/Laura Cram on harmonium supporting students and leading the group.

RECOMMENDED STORE LINKS for purchasing your beautiful local Indian decor (for Indian stage presentations), cotton woman’s salwar kameez and men’s kurta pajama (suitable for Yoga and Meditation practice), silk saris and fancy silk kurta pajama (for Indian Classical Devotional Music performances), and the variety unique traditional acoustic Indian Instruments used for classical music inspiring students to practice and perform with:

At Vaishali’s Super Store here in Ottawa, we were excited to recently purchase the beautiful long peacock feathers for our upcoming performance ‘extra special stage-decor’, which you will see when you come this year.  

‘Creating blissful spaces in your home and environment’ - is our theme at MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE, and look forward to seeing you at THE GREAT INDIA FESTIVAL OTTAWA 2019 to share the beautiful, memorable blissful moments together.