'PRATAAH BOLO' - Shyam Sarita Bhajans - "How they came into existence ... " November 05 2014, 17 Comments

"So many friends, family and students around the world are curious as to - 'How the Shyam Sarita Bhajans came into existence?' ... Today in our second blog here in MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE, I thought to share part of the interesting story with you, starting with:

 'PRAATAH BOLO' - our first digital product upload, is a simply wonderful Indian devotional song ('bhajan') from the Shyam Sarita Bhajans - ALBUM, depicting the beauty of rising in the auspicious time of the early morning - with the sun just getting up, and when in the evening - with the sun setting - 'singing the glory of the pure space called - SHYAM'.  These bhajans are compiled from the divine Hindi poetry written by the great poet/sage - Swami Shyam, set to Indian ragas by Indian Classical Composer/Vocal Performing Artist - Pt. Chandrakant Kapileshwari and produced by my company - FOREVER ONE PRODUCTIONS.

This music is my 'Sadhana' (spiritual practice), instigated my meditation guruji - Swami Shyam, when in 1983 during my first trip to the International Meditation Institute, Kullu Valley, H.P. India., he suggested I learn 12 songs while visiting during that one month stay. The poetry, most of which had just been written, had been lightly set to simple and sweet Western melodies, often played with guitars and/or keyboards and I also happily sang along in Hindi (having studied on my own in Canada, with the help of I.M.I. - Hindi Teachers), sometimes using my unique custom made Indian sounding 'sitar/dulcimer' to accompany me.  

Later in 1984, when meeting my Indian music guruji in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - I encouraged CKJi to study the divine poetry of Swami Shyam, meditate and realize the depth of the higher knowledge. I had asked him if he would kindly set the poetry/music to Indian raagas for me to sing, as I so loved the sound of the Indian Classical music he composed and sang. So we set about to work together to produce the - 'SHYAM SARITA BHAJANS - Songbook/CD'. I already knew how to write/read the Dev Nagari Script from my previous studies, and pronounce and sing quite a few songs in Hindi/Sanskrit, which made it easier for him to also dictate the Hindi notation to me, and thus I produced in calligraphy handwriting the entire songbook in Hindi/English with English transliteration, all 12 songs, including the English meanings and a color illustration of my Indian instruments - tanpoora, tabla and harmonium.

CKJi made a trip especially to Kullu Valley, India, to meet first time with Swami Shyam, and took the newly produced Songbook/CD to have his blessings, and sing for him. Arriving back in Edmonton we began teaching the Shyam Sarita Bhajans for over a period of four years.

I had started a bhajan/satsang class in my home with my young children, where meditation and the songs where taught, and students came and practised, and then eventually we all performed in the local Edmonton Indian festivals and Indian music concerts. Many of CKJi's previous University of Alberta music students and family members had joined with tabla and tanpoora skills, and cultured voices, enthusiasm and/or appreciation for Indian Classical music and the beauty of these unique devotional songs.

The higher knowledge and the variety of soothing raagas in this most beautiful set of 12 devotional songs/bhajans, helps gently direct the attention of the meditator/yogi aspiring towards understanding, and maintaining a 'Vision of Oneness', creating a meditative environment and leading a Madhuvan lifestyle - full of bliss and happiness.

I truly hope you will begin the wonderful process of learning our MADHUVAN MUSIC - 'Light Indian Classical Devotional Music', as the worshipful attitude and combination of the Indian instruments - the ambience they create, the unique moods and distinct patterns of the scales or raagas, with intricate rhythmic cycles and catchy soothing tabla/drum sounds lead one into a satisfying and peaceful experience of sound and bliss filled vibrations.

I hope you will start with our first product - 'PRAATAH BOLO', learn by studying and practising each 1 of 4 lesson for yourself and/or help teach your children, and continue to join us here, for new products, updates and fun-filled blogging pics and stories ... Enjoy!"      

- MADALSA   05/11/2014




Laura Cram (MADALSA)