Arian with Madhuvan Lifestyle

Arian Chowdhry with Madhuvan Lifestyle


Performance type:

Musician (Instrumental/Harmonium)
Musician (Hindi/Sanskrit Vocals)
Mixed Instruments (Harmonium, Tabla and Tanpoora)


Arian Chowdhry is trained in North Indian Classical Music by Shree Rani Madalsaji from Madhuvan Lifestyle.  She spent many years in Canada/India learning from the masters.  The items showcase North Indian Classical Music with both their voices displaying ancient raagas.  The raagas include meditative Sanskrit lyrics, depicting soulful ancient Indian spirituality, enhanced by live harmonium, tabla, and tanpura.

Arian’s First Public Performance 2016 - featured in Shree Rani Madalsa’s Facebook Album Video

Arian's Temple Performance 2017 (to be uploaded)

Arian at The Great India Festival Ottawa 2018:

Arian Chowdhry (age 11) will be leading a sing-along bhajan with his music teacher Shree Rani Madalsa, a Shyām Savita Bhajan called “Raam Raam” on August 12th during the MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE - Introductory Workshop at City Hall, Jean Pigot Place 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 2018.