MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE - Introductory Workshops

Due to COVID-19 many festivals are not being held this year 2020 in Ottawa - the capital of CANADA.

The previous year 2019:

Introductory MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE Workshop

was held at 'The Great India Festival Ottawa 2019 ', Ontario CANADA 

‘TGIF 2019 WORKSHOP – Yoga, Meditation & Music with MADALSA’

Saturday Morning, August 10th 2019

11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Ottawa City Hall – Jean Pigott Place
110 Laurier Ave West - Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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 ‘MADALSA’ and students were demonstrating yoga, leading meditation and performing semi-classical and classical Indian devotional music in this unique introductory lifestyle workshop designed for the audience to enjoy and participate.  

Participants were encouraged to bring yoga mats for this workshop, and wear comfortable loose clothing.

For more information for what goes into preparing for our workshops please read the interesting news blog post article called - ‘MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE STAGE MANAGEMENT’ in preparation for the upcoming workshop.


Two of the other previous yearly ML Introductory Workshops were also at held at The Great India Festival, at City Hall Ottawa ON CANADA.

"It was a great honor to be at The Great India Festival, Ottawa CANADA, 2016.  I am including a few photo posters from this event as a sample of my MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE WORKSHOPS offered, and geared towards a specific event." - Laura Cram ('MADALSA')

The workshop demo photos posted below are from this time period:  Aug. 7th, 2016, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in the Jean Pigott Hall, Ottawa Ontario CANADA.

 MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE - Introductory Yoga, Meditation & Music Workshop - Creating blissful spaces in your home and environment.

Lead by Madhuvan Founder/Leader - YOGA, MEDITATION & MUSIC TEACHER - Laura Cram ('MADALSA').

This unique introductory workshop leads participants through making an effort to create and maintain a blissful daily lifestyle routine to practice in one's own home and environment.

Sample Morning & Evening Madhuvan Routines & Practices with gentle yogic stretching, deep breathing techniques, relaxation and simple meditation practices.

Listen, participate and learn to incorporate blissful music into daily schedules, with peaceful vibrations and calming long-lasting effects.

For more information regarding the next upcoming FREE MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE WORKSHOPS please contact MADALSA at 613 558-8152 or email us via our contact page.