MADHUVAN CHAI - Indian Spice Tea

MADHUVAN CHAI - is an Indian spice tea recipe developed over many years experimenting and practice preparing, researching and testing for optimum strength and balance, served daily here at our Madhuvan Center.
MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE  Founder/Leader - Laura Cram (‘MADALSA’) teaches this Madhuvan chai recipe to all her yoga, meditation and music students as it is great for singers, improving their voice, and persons interested in staying healthy as the ginger fights colds and flu, and the other spices are known to help the heart and digestion, while strengthening the nervous system.
The tea also helps to flush the kidneys.  It is warm and tasty, and good for children as well - as the milk is more digestible cooked with ginger to cut the mucus otherwise created by drinking cold milk.
4 cups water
2 cups whole milk
Bring to boil in very large pot (easiest for making sure it does not boil over when not looking, making sure the milk is not curdled before adding spices.)
While bringing to boil, pound semi small size ideally in a big rock mortar and pestle (best for imparting flavor and less seedy taste than when using the coffee grinder, which can be used if you have no large rock mortal and pestle as yet, but be careful to break the cinnamon sticks small enough so as to not break the coffee grounder first, and strain extra well in fine strainer later):
3-4 sm. Indian Cinnamon Bark (Indian dark bark - small broken pieces are the best for chai with a spicy/sweet flavor.  PLEASE NOTE:  The cinnamon from China which are smooth curled cinnamon sticks and/or the pre-ground powder state are NOT recommended for this chai as they tend to make it slimy and gooey in texture)
6 whole cloves
6 whole black peppercorns
1 teaspoon of anise seed
Seeds from 6 big green cardamom pods (the seeds should be black inside otherwise it means they are too old and dried out)
1-2 tablespoons of peeled fresh ginger root (yellow inside means it is fresh, gray or blue means - do not use.)
You add this pounded mixture to the water and milk that has already been boiled once, and then simmer for no less than 11 minutes.
Then add and once again bring to a roaring boil for one minute, then wait till it is nice tan brown in colour:
1 1/2 tablespoons 'Red Label Brand' Darjeeling (bulk) Black Tea leaves (You can buy at Loblaws here now in Ottawa or at your local Indian store)
plus 6 tablespoons (or to your liking) of white large crystal Indian pure cane sugar (buy at Indian store, as it is full of flavor and sweeter than normal sugar, healthier as less processed).
Strain and serve hot.
This chai can also be put in the fridge, and reserved hot the next day.
NOTE:  Option to pre-grind your dry spices enough for 4 X the amount can be done in a coffee grinder and save in a small jar (being careful to break your cinnamon bark very small BEFORE HAND, so as to not break your coffee grinder blades.) This way you can make your tea a bit faster, and use a quarter of the ground amount for this recipe, but you will need to strain with a fine mess strainer before serving.
LOCAL INDIAN GROCERY STORES generally carry a fresh supply of these ingredients and will make it worth your while to have the fresh spices at hand.
For example in Ottawa Ontario CANADA please visit:  Vaishali's Super Store at 62 Wylie Avenue or call 613 721-0318 for all your Indian grocery supplies, and great customer service!  YOUTUBE VIDEO OF STORE VISIT by MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE  Founder/Leader - Laura Cram (MADALSA): 
Other Canadian Indian Grocery Stores:
Surrey BC CANADA - Subzi Mandi at 9486 120th Street 604 327-4911
Victoria BC CANADA - Indian Food Market at 8 - 4011 Quadra Street 250 479-8884