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Supportive Indian Instrument Apps for iphone/ipad users:

iTablaPro App (Digital real-sound Tabla, two tanpooras, surmandal, cymbals, raag presets ...) $24.99 Apple app Store

YouTube Demo

Harmonium Vidya Multimedia (Recommended for beginner's - easy to use)

Professional Harmonium App (Advanced)


Supportive Indian Instrument Apps for Android phones/Tablet users:

Pocket Raga Demo App (Free)

iShala App (Electronic Tabla, harmonium, tanpoora)


HINDI WRITING APPS for iphone/ipad users:

The 'Learn Hindi Writing' App on iTunes $1.99 is a marvelous tool for learning to read the Dev Nagari script to aid in getting the exact pronunciation from the divine characters ... for singing your bhajans nicely and accurately.

'Mango Languages - App' can be downloaded free from iTunes, and works with local Ottawa Library card membership - Online Resources.

For iphone/ipad users:

For android users:


Google Translate (Online browser use)

'Type text or a website address or translate a document.'


Hindi Reading and Writing tape
- by Chaytna (Deborah Feinstein)
available at - The Learning Hindi Center:

Web site:
SAMPLE: "Namastay" (pronounced Na-ma-stay)
is the traditional Hindi greeting ..."