MADHUVAN MUSIC CLASSES - 4 half hour lessons for Adult/or Child with Adult Support


MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE - Classical and Semi Classical Indian Music - Adult/or Child with Adult Support helping to create blissful spaces in your home and environment. All music classes are taught personally by Laura Cram (‘MADALSA’) at MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE Ottawa, ON CANADA Location, online via ZOOM.

Personalized classes are available for all ages, and we encourage parents or elders participating in the learning and practice time for younger students, supporting the understanding and utilizing of modern and valuable educational tools such as Indian music apps for iPad/or iPhones. 

Simple and easy to use Hindi/or English notation, Hindi/English transliteration, and English meanings for Hindi vocals, taught using your keyboard/or harmonium, with a basic understanding of tanpoora and tabla to sing along with.  Suitable traditional Indian Classical pieces subject to the advancement of students, and the popular semi classical devotional songs - SHYAM SARITA BHAJANS, are amongst the choices available to learn from.

A commitment to practice daily minimum of half hour sessions a must to make evident and sufficient progress, and to ensure ease of further advancement.

Before purchasing classes two weeks in advance, please confirm your preferred weekly class time slot by emailing ahead of time. You will be informed as to the suitability of such, and when your classes will commence, and then payment must be fulfilled here online first to secure your enrollment.

For more details please email: