'PRAATAH BOLO' - Shyam Sarita Bhajan - Lesson 1 of 4 - with MADALSA



'PRAATAH BOLO' - Madhuvan Music Lessons - taught by 'Shree Rani Madalsa',



" 'Praatah Bolo' is a simply wonderful Indian devotional song ('bhajan') from the Shyam Sarita Bhajans ALBUM, depicting the beauty of rising in the auspicious time of the early morning - with the sun just getting up, and when
 in the evening with the sun setting - 'singing the glory of the pure space called - SHYAM'. 

These bhajans are compiled from the divine Hindi poetry written by the great poet/sage - Swami Shyam, set to Indian ragas by Indian Classical Composer/Vocal Performing Artist - Chandrakant Kapileshwari and produced by my company - FOREVER ONE PRODUCTIONS into an illustrated songbook/CD.

This music is my 'Sadhana'(spiritual practice), given specifically to me by my gurus to sing/teach. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do." - MADALSA  03/11/2014


LESSON #1 (Zipped files total 71.02 MB - Download to computer first)

2 Audio files with MPEG-4 format - for use with iphone/ipad/computer/android MP4 player apps (Email your unzipped files from computer to your phone email and open there directly on iphone, or in an android phone MP4 player app to play/practice regularly):

 #1.  PRACTICE-TRACK audio with true-sound-sampling of 2 tanpooras (PA tuning), and professional quality tabla accompaniment in Taal - Keherwa (8 beat rhythmic cycle) with SA = C (group pitch), at a 'beginner's slow tempo' for easy and efficient learning.

 #2.  Audio of MADALSA using the practice-track (#1) while singing the names of the notes from 'Raag Yaman' (an early evening raga) used in this lesson #1 of 4, singing the Hindi lyrics, and maintaining the tempo and timing for the first portion of this beautiful Indian devotional song ('bhajan').

1 VIDEO - MP4 format for iphone/ipad/computer/android MP4 player apps - of the 'beginner' finger positions and 'cross-over positioning' on a keyboard/harmonium, showing 'letter-stickers' placed on the associated keys (for ease of learning), along with MADALSA singing using the iTablaPro App (optional) in background.(See site 'Links' section for more info about the iTablaPro App, although the lesson audio files include all the recorded pre-set tracks you will need to learn and practice this piece.) Upload the unzipped video file from your computer to your ONEDRIVE (comes free with gmail account) to play on any of your ONEDRIVE App on any device.

1 PDF format for iphone/ipad/computer of the Hindi notation used (printable version, or upload to your devices), including the word-for-word English meanings, an extra 'notation in columns sheet' - for practising notating by hand, and specific lesson 1 of 4  keyboard/harmonium instructions - simply written and easy to understand.

1 'Read Me' - text file (Summary of the associated unzipped file names and this lesson description intact.)

These series of lessons are geared towards beginners, appreciated and elaborated upon by professional adult musicians, and can be learned as early as the age 5.

Taught in English, with the meaning of the Hindi lyrics given. Lesson are geared towards taking one consecutive lesson per week, practising and learning - completing an entire song lesson by the fourth lesson. The lessons can be learned on the keyboard or a harmonium (which is a delightful process that instills a greater understanding of the structure of the Indian raga composition and an in-depth process of hearing the quality of the pure notes), or simply one can learn and just sing along from the audio recordings.

MADHUVAN MUSIC - Beginner's 'Daily-Practice-Time Motto':  10 minutes daily practice to 'help process the lesson', or 20 daily practice minutes to 'really get into it' :-), and/or 30 minutes total daily to 'really progress :-)', getting ready for advancing with the next lesson. Enjoy :-)


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